Moving – for some it is an exciting new start, and for some a compulsory evil. When looking for a new home, moving expenses are not on the top of anyone’s mind. But no matter if it is across the street or country, moving always comes at a cost, and often it is higher than expected. Even if you are a budgeting pro, there are many unexpected costs that pop up in the moving process. Adding some leeway to your budget just might save you from going into the negative. We gathered five unexpected costs of moving to make sure you stay on budget.

  1. Packing materials

Packing materials can be very costly. Even if you try to collect free boxes from friends or stores, you will most likely end up needing more than you estimated. You will also need packing tape, string, and bubble wrap, packing peanuts or other protective materials to keep your fragile items safe. After the move you can also resell the boxes on Craigslist to get back part of the costs.

  1. Storage

Every time you move you feel like your belongings have doubled – sound like a familiar story? Sometimes the house you are moving into has less storage space so the only possibility is to put some of your possessions into a storage unit.

Moving from one place to another does not always happen on the same day. You might need to move out of your old home before the new house is available. In this case you will also need to use storage and costs can increase with two moving dates and traveling to and from the storage unit. Depending on the items, you might even need a climate-controlled storage unit which usually comes at a higher price. If you are moving to a new built house, make sure to budget some extra money in case your moving date gets delayed and you need to keep the items in storage longer than expected.

  1. Insurance

Home insurance covers many mishaps such as destroyed belongings due to a fire or water damage, and even theft. It is a wise investment to make, especially if you have not had one before. If you are just transferring your existing insurance, the price might change in relation to the size of your new home. What might come as a surprise to many is that when relocating to another area, insurance rates such as car and health insurance might change. If you are not using a moving company, make sure to buy coverage for your belongings while they are being transferred. Most moving companies include some sort of liability insurance in their quotes.

  1. Utilities

Utilities are needed no matter where you live, so costs for gas, water and electricity are most likely already included in your budget. However, you might come across hidden costs related to utilities while relocating. Utility costs might increase if you are moving to a larger house or need to maintain a lawn. When moving to an older house, take into consideration that the home appliances might use more energy than new energy-saving devices. You might also need to pay to cancel or transfer a service and to pay a deposit or connection fee if initiating a new service.

  1. Cleaning products and replacements

Cleaning your old home after you move out is common curtesy towards the new residents. Doing a full-on cleaning in both your old and new place demands for many cleaning products that you might not have at hand. Remember to make sure to have all cleaning products ready so you will not have to run to the store in the middle of moving. Keep in mind that you may also need to make some repairs in the old home.

Another thing to consider is replacing items you have thrown away during the move, like spices, pantry items or broken appliances. Also, be sure to have some spare light bulbs. Sometimes your furniture might not fit the layout of the new house or you need more furniture and decorations to fit the bigger place, all coming at a cost. Lastly, breaking and renewing a gym contract, opening a new bank account and filling your new refrigerator all come with additional costs.


These are just some of the hidden costs you might come across when moving house. Although creating a budget is important, make sure to leave room for the unexpected, so you can start your life in a new home with less worry and more relaxation. Did we forget something? Let us know in the comments!